Many, many of today’s best coaches literally from around the world contributed to this book. Through personal interviews, these amazing coaches shared insight and wisdom about teaching. This list will be updated periodically between now and the release date. In addition to the names below, other contributors include Olympic medalists, NCAA national champions, state champions and all-time winningest high school coaches.

  • Annette Breaux – Nationally known author, speaker and education guru; author of such books as Seven Simple Secrets and The Ten Minute Inservice
  • Kim Mulkey – Head women’s basketball coach at Baylor University; two-time NCAA national champion as head coach; only player in history to win NCAA championship as player, assistant coach and head coach; Olympic gold medalist as a player
  • Brad Frost – Head women’s hockey coach at the University of Minnesota; two-time NCAA national champion as head coach
  • Justin Spring – Head men’s gymnastics coach at the University of Illinois; Olympic bronze medalist; youngest coach in NCAA history to be named National Coach of the Year; as coach, has led six gymnasts to individual NCAA titles and led Illinois to an NCAA team title in 2012
  • Dale Monsey – Career educator and retired high school men’s basketball coach; 500+ wins
  • Terry Schroeder – Head men’s water polo coach at Pepperdine University; NCAA national champion and Olympic medalist as both player and coach
  • Leta Andrews – All-time winningest HS basketball coach, with 1400+ wins; recently retired from Granbury High School, Texas
  • Terry Michler – All-time winningest HS boys soccer coach; Christian Brothers College High School, Missouri
  • Jeff Holman – All-time winningest HS boys and girls tennis coach; Haddonfield Memorial High School, New Jersey
  • Marv Dunphy – Head men’s volleyball coach at Pepperdine University; 5 NCAA national championships and a gold medal in the 1988 Olympics
  • Brandon Slay – USA Wrestling coach; Olympic gold medalist in the 2000 Olympics
  • Hugh Marr – Former Head of Boys Coaching for England Golf; 3 national titles with Surrey Golf; Fellow of the PGA; the first Trackmaster Master in the UK
  • Sean Fleming – Head Coach of Canada Soccer’s U-17 Men’s National Team
  • Kenny Guillot – Retired HS football coach; 4 state championships
  • ML Woodruff – Retired HS baseball coach; 11 state championships
  • Anson Dorrance – Head women’s soccer coach at University of North Carolina; 22 NCAA national championships
  • Bret Almazan-Cezar – Women’s volleyball coach at Archbishop Mitty HS, California; seven state championships
  • Brian Boland – Head men’s tennis coach at University of Virginia; 2012 NCAA national champion as head coach
  • Tom Wilson – Head football coach at Dowling Catholic HS, Iowa; 4 state championships
  • Kurt Zimmerman – Assistant coach and IT guru at Dowling Catholic HS, Iowa; 4 state championships
  • Brian Brewer – Head baseball coach at Marietta College; 3 national championships as head coach
  • Heather Tarr – Head softball coach at University of Washington; 20 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances, 11 Women’s College World series appearances and an NCAA national championship
  • John Cohen – Head baseball coach at Mississippi State University; 2013 College World Series finals appearance in 2013
  • Cori Close – Head women’s basketball coach at UCLA
  • Kurt Earl – Offensive coordinator and Hudl guru at Lincoln Christian High School, Nebraska
  • Tom O’Grady – Former US Lacrosse Man of the Year and three-time US Lacrosse Coach of the Year
  • Clint Hormann – Assistant coach and IT guru at Cedar Park HS, Texas; 2012 Texas state championship
  • Mick Haley – Head women’s volleyball coach at USC; 6 junior college national championships, 4 NCAA national championships and well over 1,000 career wins
  • Patti Gerckens – Head softball coach at UC San Diego; NCAA Division II national championship coach with over 560 career wins

Thank you for your interest in What Teachers Can Learn from Sports Coaches: A Playbook of Instructional Strategies.

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