Keeper of the Cross

Keeper of the Cross – A Novel

Follow a young English crusader named Beck as he sets out on the adventure of a lifetime. After an encounter with Richard the Lionheart in the Holy Land, Beck returns to England with two objectives: safeguard two pieces of the True Cross and battle the treachery of Prince John until King Richard returns from the Crusade. Complicated by Richard’s capture on the continent, Beck’s objectives prove to be both elusive and perilous and Beck is forced to lay his life on the line, as well as the lives of those around him, if he is to succeed on his knight’s errand. Set on the sun-scorched plains of the Holy Land in the midst of the Third Crusade and in an unstable England facing treachery at the highest levels, Keeper of the Cross is an epic tale of a common man attempting uncommon feats against all odds.


What Others are Saying About Keeper of the Cross:
“Keeper of the Cross takes an age-old theme (the common man forced to reach inside himself and find the hero) juxtaposes it on a time in history where life was often brutally short, animates the internal and external struggle in the rapt eye of the reader, and creates a masterpiece. From the first few paragraphs that introduce Beck and Richard to the end of the book, each plot and sub-plot is skillfully woven around and through the others. I found myself actively engaged in the characters, cheering them on as they attempted to achieve the impossible quest. The theme of someone dedicating their life to an errand imposed on them by external forces and accepting that as their goal, brings back the finer points of knighthood and chivalry.

“One of the things that has made history ‘real’ to the reviewer has been that it is made up of small causes with large effects created by human beings and their actions. The tiniest factor can create ripples felt down through the years. Keeper of the Cross takes one small facet of the Crusades, a knight named Beck, relates his story and through that telling transports the reader right into the sweeping changes of the era.”

“This book is skillfully written, carefully crafted, and well thought out. It is a journey into the past as timely and timeless as history itself. Well done, extremely well done.”
Carol M Chapman, Author


“Keeper of the Cross is a story about faith, loyalty, and honor. Set in the troubled years of the Crusades, and the reign of King Richard the Lionheart, this book transports the reader back (to a) time when a man’s oath meant something.”

“Keeper of the Cross is a light historical read, and will appeal to teen readers, as well as adults who enjoy historical fiction.”
Rita Gerlach, author


“An interesting tale of the intrigues and rivalries between two princes of the blood and the land they would both rule. Action and romance add atmosphere to a story that gives the reader a look into the far past when life was cheap and brother would betray brother.

“Mr. Barber displays a true knowledge of the period and fills the pages with believable characters, some you will really find appealing and some you will enjoy disliking. An enjoyable read to satisfy any history buff or someone who likes tales of the heroic deeds of a bygone era. Enjoy.” Anne K. Edwards, reviewer
Signed or unsigned copies of Keeper of the Cross are available directly from the author or from online booksellers.

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